White Quartz Glass BQ-35 – 24hours Stains Test, Scratch Test, Ink Stain Test, Burn Test.

White have always been a timeless and classic choice for interior spaces. But as much as white counter tops are beautiful, white succumbs to heat, scratch and stain damages more easily than other colours.

Introducing the latest addition to our Brilliantz collection, the White Quartz Glass BQ-35, which will change your perspective on white from now on.

We placed Brilliantz White Quartz Glass under a series of tests and the following video demonstrated its one-of-a-kind resistance to various stubborn stains left overnight for 24 hours, e.g. kimchi, oyster sauce, red wine and turmeric. All it takes is a wet cloth to remove all stains effectively!

In this video, we used sharp objects such as dinnerware and pen knife to scratch the surface. The material had not only absorbed the impact, no scratches and damages remained.

We left various inks on the surface for 5 minutes, including highlighter, white board marker and stamp chop. A simple wipe from a wet cloth reveals the clean, crisp surface with zero stains.

The video below demonstrated its excellent heat resistance ability. We burn the surface with a lighter and you will be surprised to see just how effortless it can be to remove burn marks away.

However, please be advised that you should always place heated objects on heat-insulating materials and not directly on the surface to prolong the usage and extend its substantiality.