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Brilliantz Quartz

  • What is “Brilliantz”?
    1. ‘Brilliantz’ quartz surface is one of the hardest material next to diamond, sapphire and topaz which makes it the best surfacing material against scratch.
    2. ‘Brilliantz’ quartz being non-porous, it is one of the best surface materials against stains.
    3. ‘Brilliantz’ quartz being an engineered stone, it has the flexibility to create unique and multi-colours by blending aggregates with mother of pearl, mirrors, coloured glass, lapis lazuli and metallic flakes etc to meet designers’ requirement for flooring, wall cladding, countertops for reception, vanity and kitchen. ‘Brilliantz’ quartz has the combination of colour and design range such as multi-colour aggregates, marble grains of Cirrus & Cumulus, abstract design like Chequer and the Sparkling design of Black and Dark Brown Radiant to meet various application of usage.
    4. ‘Brilliantz’ quartz provides a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects, backup and represented by a reputable company, Evershine Corporation Pte. Ltd. for more than 50 years in Singapore.
  • How do I select my Quartz Surface Materials?
    Evershine’s Brilliantz Quartz Surface Materials have 14 colors for you to choose from taking into consideration of the market trends and practicality. Contact our representative today to get your sample delivered.
  • What are the applications of Quartz Surface Materials?
    Because Quartz Surface Materials is incredibly durable and resistant to heat and scratches, it is suitable for any surfacing materials such as any forms of worktops, wall and floor covering.
  • What is Quartz Surface Materials?
    Quartz Surfacing Materials is also known as Engineered Stone. It is made up of quartz powder, chips and colour pigments bonded by unsaturated polyester resin. By way of activator blended and compressed with vibration, they formed slabs of man-made stone. It is one of the hardest material in nature other than diamond, saphire and topaz. Quartz Surfacing Material can be machined down to make any form of worktops, wall cladding and flooring for interior applications. Its durability, colour variety and consistency, abrasion resistance and non-porous surface over-rides natural marbles and granite in all aspects including quality, performance and maintenance.

Gloria Elite

  • What is Gloria Elite?
    Gloria Elite is our series of Affordable Luxury Lifestyle Bathroom Accessories made primarily of premium Solid Surface Materials.
  • What are the available products and applications?
    Gloria Elite covers a range of accessories of over 13 items and designs with multiple ranges of colours.
  • Why Gloria Elite instead of conventional tempered glass or plastics bathroom accessories?
    Gloria Elite solid surface materials are more durable, shattered proof and superior as compared to other materials. Gloria Elite ranges of colour selection is also more vivid, unique and glamorous.
  • What are the available colour selection?
    We have over 50 colour selections from our range of solid surface materials.
  • What is the maximum loading capacity for the accessories?
    Gloria Elite is designed for application not exceeding 1 kg for lateral accessories and 500 gm for corner and small accessories.
  • How to install Gloria Elite Bathroom Accessories?
    Gloria Elite bathroom accessories are easy to install with basic do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions. Details are included in the packaging. Basic hand drill and level indicator are required for installation.
  • Is there an option to choose any specific colour for Gloria Elite?
    Yes, but subject to materials availability, lead time and sales conditions for specific colour and quantities.
  • Is there any option to request for specific, new or other accessories not listed in the series?
    It is possible to design and fabricate new accessories based on request, indentation and subject to minimum order quantity. Please submit your inquiry to our contact us section with attached information like drawings or images.

High Pressure Laminates

  • How do I select my High Pressure Laminates?
    Evershine offers a wide range of designs and colours. Your selection is very much depending on your desire theme. You may visit our on-line product section to view the collection. To ensure your laminate selection, it is advisable to request for samples in bigger size. Evershine offers various sample sizes in 4.5cm x 7.4cm (swatch size), 15cm x 15cm (6”x6”) and 21cm x 29.7xm (A4 size) for your convenience purpose.
  • What are the applications of High Pressure Laminates?
    Residential applications include kitchen cabinet, countertops and bathroom vanities, as well as horizontal and vertical surfaces in living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms. The commercial applications include work surfaces, cabinet, furniture, flooring, panels, countertops and interior walls, with end-use applications in offices, computer centers, airports, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, ships, and buses. You may visit our on-line showcase to experience the application of our product. High pressure laminate is available in fire retardant, chemical resistant grades for special commercial applications as well as adhering to environment preservation such as Formaldehyde emission-free and Anti-bacteria.
  • What Is High Pressure Laminates?
    High Pressure Laminates has been part of our surroundings for decades, yet most people don’t know much about the product that is found virtually everywhere – in homes, restaurants, hospitals and even bowling alleys! High pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) is made by saturated sheets of decorative and kraft paper impregnated with resins and compressed under high heat and high pressure in a controlled environment so that the component parts consolidate to form a single high density sheet of laminate. Decorative laminate sheets are bonded, using special adhesives, to “substrates” made of plywood, fiberboard or particle board which give the final product its strength and substance. The laminate surface provides resistance from wear and impact. Evershine offers two brands: World of Laminates®, a collection Europeans’ trend and designs. Future® to meet the cost-effective selections.

Solid Surface Materials

  • What is “Staron”?
    1. ‘Staron’ is backed by Samsung and is a 100% acrylic based sold surface material.
    2. ‘Staron’ is the ideal materials to be used as any form of worktops in residential, commercial including restaurants and food courts in hotels and shopping centres, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and medial offices where safety of health is the prime concern as it conforms to NSF 51 for food zone and UPitt Laboratory Test (The University of Pittsburgh Test Protocol) for emission of fume when burnt to be not more toxic than wood.
    3. ‘Staron’ can be thermal-formed to any shape or size. Including unusual edge shapes, back panels, creative design inlays or unusual sculptures. It is highly versatile to transform design of imagination into reality.
    4. ‘Staron’ being homogenous and non-porous, any stubborn stain / scratches can be cleaned and removed without a trace.
    5. ‘Staron’ easy maintenance and completely free from settlement and growth of bacteria.
  • What is “Gloria”?
    1. ‘Gloria’ is a modified acrylic base, waterproof, non-porous and homogenous material.
    2. Scratches / dents on ‘Gloria’ surface due to wear and tear can be removed or repaired without a trace.
    3. As ‘Gloria’ is a non-porous material, dirts / stains cannot be penetrated into the material.
    4. ‘Gloria’ material is cigarette burn resistance and it is also chemically resistance to household chemicals and acids.
    5. ‘Gloria’ is completely free from settlement and growth of bacteria – The most hygenic surfacing material to perform as worktops for residential and commercial usage.
    6. ‘Gloria’ has a series of marble-look colors that resemble natural marbles.
    7. ‘Gloria’ is priced within reach of people from all walks of life.
  • How do I select my Solid Surface Materials?
    Evershine has about 96 colours in total and this allows our users to have the ease of selection according to your inner space. You may visit our on-line product section to view the collection. Sample is available upon request.
  • What are the applications of Solid Surface Materials?
    Evershine’s Solid Surface, Gloria® and Staron®, have a pretty high heat and scratch resistance in addition to its unique seamless joint which makes it an excellent material for vanity tops, kitchen tops and various forms of counter tops. Other applications include signage and wall cladding. On-line showcase is available for you to experience the application of our product.
  • What is Solid Surface Materials?
    Solid Surface Materials is commonly known as artificial or synthetic marble/granite. It is a product of composite polymer resins that are durable, heat-resistant and with flame-retardant properties. It has a high tolerance to impact and does not damage easily. Solid Surface Materials is also non-porous, so, bacteria, molds and moisture cannot penetrate its surface. These features also make solid surface one of the few materials approved for use for sushi counters, commercial food service areas, and in health care facilities where hygiene and resistance to pathogens is important. Being an Inner Space Specialist, Evershine undertakes two brands: Gloria® and Staron®. Each has its own purpose and functionality. Gloria® Solid Surface is 85% polyester and 15% acrylic base that are cost effective for normal application. Whereas Staron® Solid Surface is 100% acrylic base which is suitable for versatile application.

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