• To be Asia’s Specialist in Inner Space Surfacing.


  • To develop a modern business with solid infrastructure.
  • To strengthen our product lines.
  • To build a team of Ever-Shining people of high standards.

Corporate Objective

  • To build our strengths through M&As of synergistic businesses.
  • To build capabilities such as automated inventory system, logistic management system and computerised retailing system.
  • To attract highly qualified individuals to boost the Evershine family.
  • To strengthen relationships with customers.

Value Propositions

  • Reliability through Availability.

Core Value

  • Exceed customers’ requirements.
  • Be professional in substance and form.
  • Desire to upgrade knowledge and skills.


Our showroom

“What’s in for you? Being an Inner Space Surfacing Specialist, we meld out only the best … who likes, and deserves, the best of both worlds. With the array of names expressed, your inspiration will rejuvenate every moment. The understating logo boasts an unique evolution that goes beyond.”

Certificates and Awards