5-Room HDB @Jalan Dusun

Date: 25 April 2019 Category:

Designing a home often requires a fine balance of needs and aspiration of the various individuals that are to inhibit the living spaces.

The couple is sensitive to the needs of both as professional working adults and as newly-weds to maintain individual lifestyles, and reflecting individual personalities in the design of their newly acquired 5-room HDB @ 102 Jalan Dusun.

In opting to use most material that matched their natural states, they have created a home in its simplicity, and rich with cheerful details.

False Walls / Dividers/ Partitions

Creating a partition between two spaces is no longer about simple design. Nowadays we are spoiled with choices and options that not only gratifies our sight but also tailored to our budget. Families are looking to maximize spaces by creating new and different open concept and yet not compromising on style uniqueness. Our Chaney shades Laminates (G5-3609-R) adds a little natural grain texture to the touch and brings out the energetic aura marinated with taste of Scandinavian themes. This surprising piece of false wall curtained neatly between the living room and the kitchen allowing the guests only to imagine the dishes aroma and also acts to cut down some decibels off the beating of utensils.

Kitchen Top/ Island Top

Modern kitchens these days are more than just cooking spaces alone. Many are opting open concept with the kitchen connecting with the living room. It is an area where friends and family engages; starts and ends each day. So… Kitchen top or island top? The couple struggled with several fanciful ideas and finally relented to a kitchen top which is extended like an island top cum table top due to limited square-footage of a HDB. The Marble Veins top (Brilliantz BQ-31607) stretched out tidily atop a contrasted light timber laminates (G4-1879-SM) cabinets, combining handle-less wooden-doors and pull-outs for a smooth, one-piece look backdrop.

Kitchen Wall Cladding

Feels like whipping up some home cook meals but loathe the idea of the aftermath chores, fret not. The couple decided to incorporate a kitchen wall Cladding adjoining the cooking area for easy cleaning and maintenance. The stylish greyish slab of quartz (Brilliantz BQ-1806) blends in finely with the stainless-steeled exhaust hood and the coal-black glass top electric hob.

Dressing Table

Almost every woman desires to be beautiful or atractive in the eyes of the beholder dear husband to say the least. The lovely and young, charming bride chose not to purchase a conventional piece of dressing table but instead opted a wholesome solid quartz (Brilliantz BQ-16) as a dressing table top; simple yet elegant, providing adequate space for each beauty make-over… wink.

Just a pretty face is not sufficient…What lies behind the smooth grain texture sliding door (Future 29T66) is anyone’s guess; perhaps an extensive collection of 86 exotic pairs of boots and heels, 27 designer handbags, dozens of shades and hats, countless blouses and dresses, etc.. all to portray and complement a modern and confident lady.


The couple now calls it their home. In fact they are so impressed and fascinated with our Evershine’s product quality that they willingly allow us to debut their concept and ideas.