What’s New on World of Laminates

In this series, we have revamped the space for ideas portraying add-on clips in World of Laminates that would inspired you with realization… your personality. your space. The edge beyond imagination.

Mook Series
Exclusive to Evershine laminates; a rare find made up of irregular free-flowing grooves give the surface a unique texture. Its designs can be seen from several angles under different lighting, ideal for an unusual appeal – go with the flow of attribute of colour, dependant on its dominant wave length: Mook Marquis, Mook Mezzo, Mook Pacific and Mook Ruby.

Croc Collection
Living it up and feel the unusual rhyme forwarded for perfect harmony that closely reflects the weirdness in your inner space – the Croc collection demonstrated how ideas are stylistically light up for beautiful inner space: Croc W, Croc G and Croc B.

Ibiza Walnut
Doors wide open for the display of exotic wood grains at its best. Viewed on a larger scale, the patterns made by natural wood knots instantly create a striking pattern for any surface. A mood for wood complements your inner space for the warm disposition: Ibiza Walnut.

Tefani Yoko
Furnish your inner space to set connecting and effortless style that fall into place giving a cool ambience especially after a long hard day. Rest on your couch and discover a smart model inner space that is perfect for icon living: Tefani Yoko.

Sunwashed Mahagony
Design for the Soul – an innovation in laminate technology with a distinct purplish wood grain that overriding the unconventional use of a non-wood colour is complimented by its matt texture, comfortable to the touch:  Sunwashed Mahagony.