Moden Healthcare Experience – Lambat Kanang Government Hospital Project @ Brunei

Modern interior designs for healthcare services are increasingly seen in recent years, as an approach to deliver a wonderful experience for patients during their appointments. Not only must the interior elements be beautiful aesthetically, they must also be accompanied with functionality and durability for daily usage.

In our latest overseas project in Brunei for Kanang Lambat Hospital, an amazing design concept was fabricated using Gloria Solid Surface in Ice Galaxy.

Large, white slab borders the reception counter seamlessly from the top to bottom, magnifying the confined space. The over-hanging curvature is sanded at inclined angles extensively to achieve a perfection both on touch and on sight. 

Solid surface can materialized many interior surfaces. While it is widely used for reception counters, kitchen and bathroom tops, its applications also include customized bathtubs, table tops, commercial counters, shops’ display, and even sinks.

Non-porous solid surface counter tops inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs, making it a highly-recommended choice for hospitals and laboratories, which demand high level of hygiene.

The choice of white in this project compliments various wood palettes and bold hues, and retains a health-conscious and comfortable setting for the well-being of patients.

A well-designed, health-focus inner space helps to uplift the organisation’s image, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors and most importantly, prioritizes the patients’ level of satisfaction during their stay.

Reception counter curvature using Gloria Solid Surface ‘Ice Galaxy’ GM-240