Interior Concept: White Spring Day

Life is a spectrum of colours, and a white palette embraces all shades. White is inviting to most interior styles like the first day of spring, and stays as a popular choice even after seasons of change. Clean, elegant and timeless, a white inner space is also complementary against different shades of wood accents.

White translates into a clean and hygienic interior style, but some reject the idea of using white in areas that require cleanup, fearing that stains and blemishes are easily permeable on white surfaces. The latest addition to our Brilliantz collection, White Quartz Glass BQ-35, eliminates this worry.

Withstanding daily wear and tear like knife scratches, resisting stains and not giving in to surface burns, BQ-35 is the perfect choice for this dreamy white kitchen concept in our latest project. 

Click here to watch our test videos to understand the amazing durability of White Quartz Glass BQ-35.

White creates an instant peace for inner spaces. White Quartz Glass BQ-35 offers the extra peace of mind.