A Cosy Hideout

Nothing screams luxury more than the unmistakable appeal of exotic leather, and you can count on World of Laminates’ range of High Pressure synthetic leather laminates to stand apart from traditional competition. Painstakingly crafted to mimic the tactility and suppleness of natural material, this eclectic line is sure to make a statement, transforming your abode into a delightfully opulent nest you can be proud to call your own.

This exclusive selection comes in an array of different finishes, ranging from exotic snakeskin to chic ostrich leather. A clear stand-out, Elio blends effortlessly into any interior, especially when it comes to adding that bit of oomph to minimalist interiors. The muted tones create an environment of warmth and softness, making it a stylish, yet suitable, finish for any room.

Jazz up the bedroom by ditching the headboard in favour of Elio’s sumptuously textured ostrich hide. Whether it is an inspirational quote, or a mural of an iconic scenery, switch up the wall art to suit your preferred bedroom theme. Designed to enhance each homeowner’s personal style, the synthetic nature of the leather allows for wall decals, giving you the freedom to unleash your creative prowess in every way possible. Like a delicate painting, decals allows the nature-loving homeowner to add a pop of soft botanical patterns to a stark white bedroom or living room. From simple grass patterns to blooming fields of flowers, these patterns look great over a large area or a smaller space of eye-catching wall art.

Bedroom Headboard by Yuan Xing Contractor

Bedroom Headboard using World of Laminates ‘Elio F-N430’