Dining with Class

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and elegance that marble brings to any interior. When it comes to marble in the kitchen or dining area, Gloria’s marble grain solid surfaces are a natural choice. While natural marble countertops are porous and non-repairable, Gloria’s non-porous and seamless surface counterparts make it a hygienic, yet low maintenance choice suited for F&B areas.

京华小吃 Palais Renaissance 3

Mimicking the look of natural stone, the lovely organic swirls of the Natural Cirrus marble grain make it one of the most popular marble designs of the collection. The versatility of this classic surface allow for plenty of ways to incorporate marble into your spaces. Natural Cirrus’ classic grain adds a touch of stylish refinement to restaurant interiors – heightening the luxurious appeal in traditional establishments, or jazzing up a modish bistro with an eclectic twist.

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Marble looks exquisite within ornate interiors, diffusing the flecks of light from a chandelier above. Contemporary spaces should not shy away from the look of marble as it makes a perfect accompaniment to all-white minimal spaces, blending the white marble with white tiles and fixtures for textured seamlessness. Beautiful yet functional, Gloria – Natural Cirrus’s clean, bright look as well as its timeless style never fails to add an element of dressiness to a kitchen or dining area.

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Dining Table by Comfort Design Furniture 

Dining Table using Gloria Solid Surface ‘Natural Marble MV-100’